Crowdfunding 100 Physical Beacon Books

This crowdfund has concluded. This post outlined the final component of the Beacon Book project, an open Crowdfund for 100 physical Genesis Edition prints.

Stateful Works began in August 2020 with a simple thesis: maintainers of Public Goods should be celebrated! And not just through monetary rewards: we should also be creating artifacts and traditio+ns that accrue cultural capital.

The Beacon Book was our first project along this path: a piece of Ethereum history featuring profiles, reflections, and stories of the contributors that brought the Eth2 Beacon Chain to life. This book is a snapshot of sentiment from around the launch in December 2020, neatly packaged into a 5.5x8.5" (140x215mm) soft cover book. In line with our founding ethos, any ETH generated from the project goes directly to project contributors, which includes the Eth2 researchers.

The Beacon Book is your chance to contribute directly to the Ethereum story. Own part of its past, and a key to the future.

The project includes three main components:

  • The text itself: Read here
  • mintable NFTs of book graphics: Mint Here
  • 100 physical Genesis Editions ↓ excerpts and crowdfund below ↓

back and front covers

pages 19-20

"Traditions" NFT, pages 35-36

pages 27-28

pages 55-56

Check out a complete breakdown of the imagery in Beacon Book: Graphics and Narratives.

Crowdfunding 100 Physical Genesis Editions

We will be using the crowdfund leaderboard to simulate an auction and select the winners of 100 Genesis Editions. While there may be future prints, this edition is notable for being the inaugural print run. Please read the following information before participating:

  1. The crowdfund will last until August 3rd, 16:00 UTC.
  2. The top 100 contributors will receive physical Genesis Edition books 1-100, according to their ranking in the crowdfund leaderboard below. In addition, their copy of the book will have the final rank, eg. 1/100, inscribed on the pages 1-2, the provenance page (see here). Finally, the top 100 contributors will also receive a unique NFT featuring the the cover of the book (see below).
  3. Contributions are final and non-refundable, so make sure to bid strategically. Your ranking will likely change over the course of the crowdfund, and you can even be pushed out of the top 100, therefore ineligible for the physical book. If there are equally sized contributions under and over the Top 100 threshold, we will bias towards earlier sent transactions. All ETH contributions go to the project contributors, including the featured Eth2 developers.
  4. Our recommended minimum bid for a book is .05 ETH (~$100). This considers the cost of production over the past 9 months / +500 hours, the effort and time put in by Eth2 contributors, the work of the artists, printing, packaging, shipping, and various other costs.
  5. Please be aware in order to receive their copy, the top 100 contributors will need to supply a street address. After delivery confirmation, your address will be deleted.
  6. Once you have submitted a contribution, please remember to complete the email form below. This signed message proves you participated in the crowdfund, and lets us get in touch for shipping info if you are in the top 100.
  7. All crowdfund participants will also get a commemorative token ($STATEFUL), regardless of their final ranking. This represents your participation in a novel cultural Ethereum event as a thank you from the team!
  8. Sign up here to be reminded 24 hours and 6 hours before the crowdfund closes.
Leaderboard Auction
The top 100 backers are awarded a book and an NFT when the crowdfund ends.
Time Remaining
If a contribution is placed within the last 15 minutes and changes the podium positions, the time is reset to 15 minutes.
Genesis Edition [Beacon Book]
Top 100 Contributors

→ Join the Stateful Works Discord for manual verification.


Thanks again to all of our 51 contributors - whose perspectives are included in the book - and where applicable, them forwarding on their share of the proceeds to Stateful Works:

Aditya Asgaonkar
Adrian Manning
Adrian Sutton
Afri Schoedon
Alex Stokes
Alex Vlasov
Ben Edgington
Carl Beekhuizen
Cayman Nava
Celeste Seberras
Cem Ozer
Chaz Schmidt
Chih Cheng Liang
Dankrad Feist
Danny Ryan
Dmitriy Ryajov
Hsiao-Wei Wang
Ivan Martinez
Jacek Sieka
Jonny Rhea
Joseph Delong
Justin Drake
Karl Floersch
Kirk Baird
Mamy André-Ratsimbazafy
Matt Garnett
Mehdi Zerouali
Meredith Baxter
Michael Sproul
Miguel Piedrafita
Mikhail Kalinin
Nathaniel Jensen
Nishant Das
Paul Hauner
Pawan Dhananjay
Preston Van Loon
Radosław Kapka
Raul Jordan
Robert Drost
Sam Wilson
Shay Zluf
Stefan Talpalaru
Terence Tsao
Trent Van Epps
Victor Farazdagi
Vitalik Buterin
Will Villanueva

It's been an amazing experience working with everyone! To the entire Ethereum community: you made this project possible, we can't thank you enough. Here's to the Merge and beyond.

❤️ Stateful Works

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