Announcing “New Home of the Heart:” a benefit NFT sale for the core devs working on the Merge

At this moment, preparations are being made to fork Goerli: the final Ethereum testnet before mainnet changes from PoW to PoS. The Merge is fast approaching. Since the 2014 white paper release, the community and broader ecosystem have been eagerly anticipating Proof of Stake. At last, the PoS Beacon Chain is expected to replace PoW in mid-September 2022. 

New Home of the Heart is an NFT exhibition & sale to celebrate the upcoming Ethereum Merge. This project is a collaboration between Stateful Works and JPG, co-curated with Sofía García (artxcode, Art Blocks). Any ETH proceeds will be split between core devs via the Protocol Guild, the participating artists, and the organizers. Learn more about the Protocol Guild here: a collective of 116 Ethereum core contributors who work on projects like the Merge.

We will announce the participating artists and opening date soon - subscribe to this blog and follow Stateful Works and JPG for the latest updates!

The Theme: New Home of the Heart

The title of this digital exhibition comes from A Declaration of the Interdependence of Cyberspace:

“Closed Fiefdoms of the platform world, you weary giants of stocks and small talk, I come from the Pluriverse, the new home of the Heart. On behalf of the future, I invite you to join us.”

The Pluriverse invites the reader to a new vision of systemic evolution through the frames of relationships, flows, and communities. Similarly, Ethereum is a socio-political-technological system which has been evolved by its community. The Merge is a good example of how protocol maintainers iterate towards the best-fit solution given a set of constraints.

At a higher level, these ongoing blockchain-enabled experiments build on human efforts throughout history to improve coordination. We’re building new homes for our infrastructure: how will user-managed networks evolve? What forms will they take? Considering the breadth of our experience, then the answer is probably found in maintaining a rigorous practice of experimenting, collaborating, and iterating our norms and forms.

About Stateful Works

Stateful Works creates cultural artifacts to benefit core Ethereum developers and the Public Goods they maintain.

About JPG

JPG builds web3 cultural infrastructure. With JPG, users can curate NFT exhibitions that subsequently create a history of on-chain provenance. In the near future, JPG will be launching registries that will help stratify NFTs, improve discovery, and create new ways of seeing these cultural and networked objects.

JPG has been collaborating with galleries, art fairs, and non-profit organizations supporting their ventures. These are some of the projects that are supported or created by JPG:

More information on JPG here

Discover the JPG ecosystem through its users here

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