Wrap up: 1559 NFT Series

The 1559 NFT Series was an experiment to celebrate the EIP-1559 Contributors which launched on July 21st, 2021. Learn more about the inspirations in the launch post here.

Fifteen Hundred Fifty Nine Times Thank You! 🤗

Today, our experiment of issuing NFTs to reward EIP-1559 contributors concludes. We were delighted by the overwhelming support we received from the Ethereum community. All in all, the 22 contributing teams or individuals received:

  • 32 ETH from the 1/1 Patron NFT Auction (thank you leorad.eth!)
  • 243 ETH from minting 1559 Supporter NFTs
  • 3 ETH directly donated to the Split contract

= 278 ETH ($635,688!!!)

The contributor addresses within the Split contract are now able to claim their portion of the ETH generated by the project. View here on Mirror.

Beyond the financial success of the project, we were thrilled to receive comments from several community members saying this was their first NFT purchase, and that they were excited to support an initiative they had been following for a long time. The success of this experiment validates that retroactive funding campaigns can be an effective way to fund public goods infrastructure on Ethereum.

We hope these NFTs live on as collective memory of the efforts put forward over past two years. Some participants have already started to display the artwork in digital frames!

On behalf of the entire team and the EIP-1559 Contributors, THANK YOU for helping this exceed our wildest expectations. Whether you minted a Supporter NFT, bid on the Patron NFT, donated directly, or simply helped raise awareness: your participation was crucial. This will not be the last NFT you see from us for a major Ethereum milestone. 👀

Now, we wait for the London upgrade block 12,965,000 to hit mainnet.

❤️ Stateful Works, _kitteh, Tim Beiko, & Trent Van Epps

If you're interested in other projects like this, check out the Beacon Book: a multimedia project (digital text, mintable NFTs, + physical book) featuring the perspectives of 46 Eth2 contributors that worked on the Beacon Chain launch.

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