Beacon Book: Update 001
March 30th, 2021

It's been 3 months since we announced our Eth2 book, so we thought we'd give an update on the massive amount of work that's been done since then. We're getting pretty close to launch, read on for details!

  • Closed Submissions
  • Finalized Book Specifications
  • Finalized Distribution
  • Gitcoin Grants Round 9
  • Join our Discord!
  • What's next

Closed submissions

We've collected, edited and formatted the contributions from 46 Eth2 researchers and implementers. They're a wonderful bunch, and this book wouldn't be possible without them - all of the submissions are amazing!

Finalized book specifications

This included settling on a size, graphic language, & layouts. We're happy to say this is 95% complete. Crafting something visually compelling and internally consistent has been the bulk of our effort. We wanted to create something we would be proud to own ourselves.

Graphic themes include time, frontiers, individual and collective agency, the humanity of builders constructing immaterial systems.

Final dimensions of 5.5" x 8.5", about the size of a notebook (~A5 or 148mm x 210mm). Here's a sample of what one of the spreads (two facing pages) will look like in the finished product:

Finalized distribution

This has been another major task, as the design space for funding solutions has massively expanded over the last few months. After a ton of brainstorming, we've settled on what we think is a simple and powerful arrangement. (caveat that this is all subject to change)

  • We'll be using Mirror (this platform!) to handle distribution. TL:DR - patrons donate ETH to unlock a product, in our case, a physical book. If you've ever backed a project on Patreon you're already familiar with this mechanism.
  • There will only be 100 Genesis Edition books in this print run: 90 to the top patrons, 6 raffled off to other supporters who don't make the top 90 and 4 given away to community orgs - we'll be announcing these partners soon.
  • Patrons will get issued Book 1, 2, etc of the Genesis print according to their donation rank at the end of the funding period.
  • Following that, the Beacon Book text (over 10,000 words to date) will be auctioned as an NFT. This NFT will be culturally important to the Ethereum community long into the future, the text capturing sentiment from its builders shaping the imminent transition between PoW and PoS, the past and the future.
  • Patrons are then given a token (potentially under BOOK, ticker TBD) in proportion to their donated ETH, which grants them a share of future sales of the Beacon Book NFT. (See John Palmer's ESSAY experiment for a case study on how this works.)
  • Similar to ESSAY, we plan to retain 25% of the BOOK supply for the Stateful team. We will extend this model to give 25% to the contributing Eth2 researchers and implementers. It's our strong conviction that public infrastructure and the people building it should be celebrated. This book and its associated mechanisms are our way of saying thanks!
  • Additionally, we've created 7 graphic NFTs that will be auctioned along with the Beacon Book NFT. The narrative and graphic style of each matches the book, and are prominently featured as 2 pages spreads throughout the text. See a partial sample below 👀 to give you an idea of what's coming.
  • Similar to the book NFT, future sales of these NFTs will accrue a % to holders of BOOK

Gitcoin Grants Round 9

Stateful / Beacon Book participated in Grants Round 9, and while the dollar amount we received may be small, it's like 32 ETH to us 🤗. Having early supporters is amazing, and helps us keep pushing towards the finish line! We welcome any and all continued donations for this project's continuing vision.

Join our Discord!

It's pretty barebones for now: Join here. There's an entire universe of experiments to be pursued after the Beacon Book, and we want you to join us and the rest of the Ethereum community in exploring these possibilities.

This is just the beginning.

What's next

  • send and verify test prints (hopefully this week)
  • get tests back, adjust accordingly
  • order final prints from printer
  • finalize the 7 graphic NFTs

Thanks for all your support! Please reach out if you have ideas for the project.

❤️ - Stateful Team

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