Announcing the Beacon Book Community Giveaways
June 10th, 2021

Own a piece of Ethereum history

As promised in our December announcement post, Stateful Works has partnered with a bunch of amazing Ethereum community orgs to help launch the Beacon Book.

If you're just learning about this project, it's a collection of perspectives from 46 Beacon Chain researchers and implementers, wrapped in delightful graphics. We're giving away seven physical copies ahead of the main auction happening in a few weeks: one for each of their respective communities. They will decide how to give them away - we're looking forward to the novel mechanisms they will each use!

Read on for more info on how and where to win a copy!

If you're a winner, a transaction hash of your own choosing (eg. your first tx, registering your ENS name, etc) will be written along with the name of the awarding community org. This adds a small proof of authenticity, making the book undeniably yours!

If you do win, please note that we will require a physical address to mail it to you. Limit one giveaway per identity.


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Congrats to the winner! - we'll be reaching out shortly1

A longtime group reporting on this new frontier's social, political and economic implications, as well as topical current events. This mandate was most recently bolstered by the birth of the BanklessDAO. Their output is an amazing reference point for the rest of community.


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If you are an Etherean that frequents Reddit, you know ETHFinance has one of the strongest communities there. Commentary, memes, and deep discussion throughout bear or bull.


→ This giveaway has been awarded! See the winning submission here!

Twitter would be infinitely less enjoyable without this account bringing humor into our feed. It's been built up over the years into a formidable powerhouse of Ethereum humor, including our personal favorite. Stateful Works thanks you for your tireless memeing!


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This crew plays a key role in the future of the protocol and they take this very seriously. From organizing learning cohorts to helping troubleshoot staking issues, they've been a wonderful community asset - the Beacon Chain would be lesser without their tireless work.


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Public Goods are Good. This team has been relentlessly building a vision of the future where builders are paid and infrastructure is maintained. From each round of Gitcoin Grants to GitcoinDAO, they continue to push the envelope on what participatory funding looks like.


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→ Giveaway info added soon!

The first and last name in event NFTs. POAP has been an amazing NFT evangelist over the years for both physical and virtual Ethereum events. With recent products like and collaborative artworks, it's clear they aren't resting on their laurels - we can't wait to see what they cook up next!

The Daily Gwei

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→ Winner has been chosen, will be announced soon!
→ POAP to be distributed via DM

Quality, consistency and thoughtfulness wrapped in a delightful Aussie accent. TDG is an amazing Ethereum resource that breaks down complex topics into accessible language, so anyone can understand the latest news for applications and protocol development. We're proud to share the final Beacon Book with Anthony.

See a small taste of what to expect in the book below. Remember - even if you don't win any of the giveaways, we will be auctioning up to 100 Genesis Edition copies once the Community Parters have given theirs away! Join our Discord or follow Stateful Works on Twitter to know exactly when we launch the auction.

... and of course, GOOD LUCK!

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